Hi Darling,

thank you so much for your hospitality and great help. i'm in jinan, shandong china and tonite
i will be flying to qingdao my last leg then manila... it was a fruitful trip and you are a part of it.

till we meet again...

Christ (from Shangdon-China)

Hello Mrs. Darling

Our return to France went well, we are delighted with our stay in Vietnam where we spent
15 days beautiful.

The whole organization of our stay was perfect, we will keep anunforgettable memory in the head and heart.
I spent like hello to your husband who is a man smiling andfriendly.
Claire and I sincerely thank you and wish you much prosperity.

Thank you for everything, Sincerely

Claire Jean-Luc (from France)

Dear Darling,

Good day! Mrs Presa phoned me this morning,she shared all the wonderful things they had experience during their stay. In fact, she wanted to go back to see more of Vietnam. She really fell in love with your Country. And for sure, she will recommend you to her friends/family. I think this is her own way to promote Vietnam. Darling, you really impressed me that much.I myself, would now want to visit you there.. soon.

Thank you very much!

Emie ( from Manila)

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